Inner Ogre : RIP Grandpa Horg Toothsnap


My father, the greatest Ogre to ever live ever, created this video as a last morsel for all to view. A final gasp of ogre air to breath into all dying walrus lungs. He asked me if I would display his video tribute here and I first declined, emphatically. BUT, after a gentleman's frog joust and a marmot eating contest, I have decided to grant his wish. That old captain, that big meaty bastard!

Here's to your expired sanity and your greener than green teeth, old timer. 
Here's to the ogre who invented the chic seal skinned diapers that all the Viking teenagers spazzed about. 
Here's to the ogre that first coined the phrase, "Die you bloated goat spooner!"

Grandpa Horg Toothsnap, you are the beast we all wish to be! 

RIP and remember to feed your dragons in the afterlife, you battle warrior. You thunder pumper! YOU CRAZY OLD LIGHTNING SANDWICH!!!! 

Ogres, let us shut lip...
WARNING: Grandpa Horg was barely breathing when he made this video. The images and words may be offensive to the ferret communities. No harm intended, please. Please now.

**UPDATE : This is not the right video, but it chuckles my innards. Cheers to a wonderful ogre and his legacy, which this video captures in so many gruesome ways.

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